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At Conellow Tactics, we offer a variety of firearms training courses to suit your needs. From beginner to advanced, we have the expertise to help you become a skilled and responsible gun owner. You can book your training with us through our website or by phone, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Book your training today and take the first step towards firearms proficiency.


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Your Marksmanship Roadmap

Not sure where to begin? Marcee creates a roadmap just for you based on your shooting goals and journey! Below are just a few examples of skills students practice in class!


Defensive Pistol

(Concealed Carry Focus)

Our most popular class: Our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals service is a comprehensive 3 -hour class that provides individuals with the essential skills and techniques for effective armed self-defense. We cover important aspects such as stance, grip, and physical shooting methods, ensuring that you are proficient in aligning your body with your firearm doing everyday tasks and work related instances. We also cover the legal use of deadly force, scenarios based on everyday activities and possible work related scenarios, to better equip you in the event of having to use lethal force. Regardless of your skill level, our focus is on maximizing your intuitive skills and applying this knowledge seamlessly. Ladies are especially encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to explore concealed carry methods and gain confidence in their everyday carry choices. 


Intro and Transitional PCC and Rifle (AR-15 Platform)

Our PCC and Rifle (AR-15 Platform) services are designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of basic carbine rifle (AR type platform) or PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) manipulations, and transitions between the rifle and pistol. In these 3-hour private classes, participants will learn the proper use of AR or PCC platforms, ensuring that they develop the necessary skills and knowledge to handle these firearms effectively, shooting from various positions (kneeling, prone, supine), and barricade work.


Basic Pistol I, II, and Intermediate Pistol

Our Pistol Classes provide a series of comprehensive 3 -hour private classes for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in basic to intermediate handgun manipulations. During these courses, participants will learn essential fundamentals, advanced techniques for accuracy, one-handed shooting, barricade work, clearing basic malfunctions, drawing from a holster, engaging multiple targets with effective transitions, incorporating reloads, shooting in un-natural stances (kneeling prone, etc..), advanced trigger methods, effectively engaging variable and multiple targets, and so more. 


Competition Prep

Our into to Competitive Shooting service is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of all aspects of competitive shooting sports. From understanding the different divisions of USPSA and finding the right one for you, to learning about the necessary equipment and how to get signed up for your first match, we cover it all. We will also delve into topics such as match scoring and rules, local "outlaw" matches, 2 Gun and 3 Gun matches, IDPA matches, stage planning, and the crucial mentality and mindset needed for success. Take part in this short class and learn the essentials through hands-on match course scenarios.


Pistol Movement I & II

In our Movement I & II dynamic and interactive classes, we focus on equipping you with effective movement techniques for both defensive and competition preparation. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will learn the art of fluidly maneuvering in and out of positions, as well as honing their shooting skills while on the move, effective movement strategies with hard leans, navigating multiple arrays of targets, and movement techniques around barricades and ports. These classes incorporate short burst movements and optional running, with modifications available upon request. 


Special Class:

Try Before You Buy

Introducing our "Try Before You Buy!" service, the perfect solution for those unsure about which pistol to choose or looking to expand their collection. With this service, you have the opportunity to try out a variety of top-notch models, including the SIG P320 AXG Emperor Scorpion, Ruger Mark IV, SIG P320 MAX, Smith and Wesson Shield, TypeA Rifles, and many more. Each firearm comes with one full magazine of ammunition, giving you a chance to experience their performance firsthand. Make an informed decision before investing with "Try Before You Buy!"


SIG P320 AXG Emperor Scorpion


SIG P320 MAX With Lockwood/Grayguns Slide

SIG P226 Legion

SIG 1911 Emperor Scorpion 10mm


Ruger Mark IV (22)

Smith and Wesson Shield

Bond Arms Derringer (45 cal)



Springfield SAINT



TypeA 11.5"

TypeA 13.7"

(Contact Marcee directly to discuss this service!)

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