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Level-Up Program (Online + In-Person Range)

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


Training has never been easier! Whether you're a new shooter or have some experience under your belt, this course is designed for you! This course is designed to help you achieve mastery with the crucial fundamentals of shooting, at your pace and on your time! This course will walk you through my secrets to become a great shooter, and quickly! Topics mastery of the following: Stance & Alignment Grip Trigger Visual Techniques Multiple Target Engagement After you've conquered the online portion, solidify your newfound knowledge with a hands-on, 2-hour range session to translate theory into practice and elevate your skills. (Zoom option is available for those who can not attend the in-person training to sub-out for an additional skill training catered to you (the draw from OWB or IWB, reloads, or shot calling!)! To sweeten the deal, complete the online training to unlock a free gift from me AND I am also including two of my favorite drills I do at every training session (why and how to do them!)!

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